Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology,

for the Right Patient, at the Right Price

By James C. Robinson


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Innovation in medical technology generates a remarkable supply of new drugs, devices, and diagnostics that improve health, reduce risks, and extend life. But these technologies are too often used on the wrong patient, in the wrong setting, or at an unaffordable price.

In PURCHASING MEDICAL INNOVATION, author James C. Robinson, Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Berkeley Center for Health Technology, UC Berkeley, analyzes the contemporary revolution in the purchasing of health care technology, with a focus on the roles of:

• The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), now more thoroughly assessing product performance in the laboratory and in real-world conditions, accelerating the path to market

• Medicare and private insurers, now improving criteria for coverage and payment methods that reward efficiency

• Hospitals and physicians aligning adoption of complex equipment more closely with physicians’ preferences for patients

• Consumers becoming more engaged and financially accountable for their health care choices

This book describes both the strengths and deficiencies of the current system of purchasing and highlights opportunities for buyers, sellers, and users to help improve the value of medical technology: better outcomes at lower cost.


DR. ROBINSON is a highly respected thought leader on topics related to payment for medical technologies and the procedures that utilize them. His expertise shines through in this short and well-written book on innovation and value in medical technology. As physicians, we are frequently faced with important clinical and economic decisions related to drugs, devices, tests, and procedures, and are under increasing pressure to reduce the cost of the care we provide while optimizing patient outcomes.”

Kevin J Bozic, MD, MBA, Chair, Department of Surgery, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery , Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin