BCHT Courses, Workshops & Internships

BCHT has developed a number of formal courses, one-day workshops, and more extended internships for UC Berkeley students in public health (MPH), public policy (MPP), and business management (MBA). The Center also works with sponsor organizations to create programs that place Berkeley students in internships, career positions, and high-visibility fellowships after graduation.

BCHT conducts workshops on timely topics related to development, coverage, payment, and use of biomedical technologies. The workshops contain both didactic (lecture with discussion) and interactive components, with the interactive component engaging participants in the team-based solving of policy and management cases.

Center staff frequently present invited lectures and lead interactive sessions at industry conferences, board retreats, and continuing medical education programs. The Center has also developed customized professional education programs for sponsoring organizations

For more information about courses, workshops and internships, contact  Kimberly MacPherson, BCHT Co-Director

BCHT - Genentech Flex Intern Program

We recently developed the Berkeley Center for Health Technology (BCHT)-Genentech Flex Intern Program. This innovative, year-long internship allows HPM graduate students to gain deeper experience in biotech by working on longer, more robust projects. Students transition between part-time and full-time internships over the year, blending the internship work with academic courses on campus.


We believe in life-long learning and offer meaningful, interactive experiences for graduate students and professional audiences, targeted at the intersection of innovation and affordability

--Kimberly MacPherson, Co-Director