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BCHT Publishes New Student Authored COVID-19 related Issue Briefs

With support from the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) and BCHT, Berkeley students Konnor von Emster and Stuti Upadhyay have authored the issue brief  "Funding Scientific Research and Product Development For COVID-19 Innovation", and Emily Gu and Justin Oh have authored the issue brief "Cost-Based and Value-Based Principles for COVID-19 Drug Pricing".

A new brief by high school junior Julianna Muegge, "Advances in Data Science and Medicine Reveal the Contrasting Impact of COVID-19 Across Continents", has been added to the BCHT Emerging Voices series that featuries papers by high school students sharing fresh perspectives on key biomedical topics.


BCHT Director James Robinson interviewed by Jama Network Dr. Baucher on COVID-19 Pharma Innovation

BCHT Director James Robinson sat for an interview with Dr. Bauchner of JN Learning about his recently published paper,  Funding of Pharmaceutical Innovation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The interview titled Funding of Pharmaceutical Innovation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic is posted on the JN Learning site.

BCHT Awarded Two NIHCM grants

BCHT has been granted new funding for two projects by the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation (NIHCM).

Principal Investigator James Robinson received funding for “Price and Quality for Ambulatory Surgery: Differences between Hospital-based and Freestanding Centers”. Using insurance claims data from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans across the entire nation to measure differences in surgical and diagnostic prices and complications across hospital outpatient departments (HOPD) and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), the study will look at variation in prices and complication rates across sites of care, the association between prices and complications, and the potential impacts of sponsor incentives to shift market volume.

Principal Investigator Timothy Brown received funding for “The Causal Effect of High-Quality Physician-Patient Relationships on Healthcare Costs”. This study asks:

  • Does quality of physician-patient relationships exert a positive/negative effect on health and/or cost outcomes that systematically varies by the race/ethnicity of the patient and are any of these impacts altered if there is racial/ethnic concordance between the physician and patient?;
  • To what extent would policies altering the quality of physician-patient relationships and/or racial/ethnic concordance narrow disparities in health and/or cost outcomes?
  • What is the business case for reducing racial/ethnic disparities in outcomes?



BCHT Paper Published by  JAMA Network Online

"Physician and Patient Adjustment to Reference Pricing for Drugs" by James C. Robinson, Christopher Whaley, Timothy T. Brown, and Sanket S. Dhruva appears on JAMA Network Online, with an editorial, "Private Sector Strategies to Address High Drug Prices and the Promise of Reference Pricing Programs",  by Harvard Medical School Professor Mike Chernew.



2nd Issue Brief in BCHT New Emerging Voices Series

BCHT introduces Digital Medicine: More convenient, more accessible, and faster healthcare, the 2nd issue brief in the new Emerging Voices series. High school senior, Shriya Jain, has again contributed a thoughtful look at an exciting area of biomedical innovation. Her first Emerging Voices brief discusses Precision Medicine. She is interested in business, economics, and technology, and is the founder and CEO of Empower Future Foundation, Shriya can also be found on LinkedIn at is external).


BCHT Paper Published on Commonwealth Fund Site

How Drug Prices Are Negotiated in Germany, by BCHT Director James C. Robinson with past UCB Visiting Scholar Patricia Ex, Managing Director, German Managed Care Association; and Dimitra Panteli, 2016–17 Harkness Fellow, and Research Fellow in the Department of Health Care Management at Berlin University of Technology, was published on June 13, 2019, on the Commonwealth Fund blog.

BCHT Introduces New Emerging Voices Series

BCHT introduces the new Emerging Voices series that shares fresh perspectives on key biomedical topics. the first paper, Precision Medicine: Advances in Data Science and Medicine are Now Opening Up New Frontiers in Precision Medicine, is by Shriya Jain who is a junior at San Mateo High School, She is interested in business, economics, and technology, and is the founder and CEO of Empower Future Foundation ( is external)). Shirya can also be found on Facebook and at is external)


BCHT Director James Robinson Keynotes at German Managed Care Association (BMC) conference in Berlin

On May 23, 2019, BCHT Director, James Robinson gave a keynote address, An American In Berlin: Insights on Drug Assessment and Pricing under AMNOG, to the German Managed Care Association (BMC) conference in Berlin. Attendees included 50 leaders from the German health insurance, pharmaceutical, and public policy sectors. 


BCHT Co-Director Kimberly MacPherson featured in Podcast on One Medical's Services and the Future of Primary Care

BCHT Co-Driector Kimberly MacPherson was featured in Zendesk's Repeat Customer podcast, season 2, episode 2, How One Medical Turned Doctors into Designers(link is external), along with Dr. Tom Lee, Founder of One Medical and primary care physician; Amir Rubin, President and CEO of One Medical; Tom Charland, CEO of Merchant Medicine; and Dr. Navya Mysore, primary care physician. 

Lee describes how he thought like a designer—not a doctor—in his quest to rearchitect the patient experience, while current One Medical CEO Amir Rubin describes the integral role technology plays in their plan. Merchant Medicine(link is external) CEO Tom Charland(link is external) demystifies the curious role insurance plays in the medical system. And from the world of health management academia, Kim MacPherson(link is external) envisions the future of primary care thanks to clinics like One Medical.


BCHT participates in Fireside Chat at 12th Annual Berkeley Haas Healthcare Association conference

BCHT Co-Director Kim MacPherson, MBA, MPH, and Lee Lehman- Becker, Business Development Director for Roche-Genentech Digital and Personalized Healthcare, participated in a Fireside Chat, discussing Digital Innovation in Big Pharma at the 12th Annual Berkeley Haas Healthcare Association conference, UCSF Mission Bay, March 7-8, 2019.



A team of 2nd year students wins design challenge around benefit selection for financial security at Mad*Pow’s Financial Experience Design Conference on October 25, 2018

Team Meerkats, Cindie Wu (MBA MPH '19,  Muriel LaMois (MPH ‘19), Emily Polk (MPH ‘19) and Elana Congress (MBA ‘19),created an app called Plan Picker at Mad*Pow’s Financial Experience Design Conference on October 25, 2018. Plan Picker is designed to empower employees to select the most appropriate health plan based on their needs and preferences. Employees complete a questionnaire about medical use, financial assets, and risk tolerance; this information directs employees to the plan that best fits their health and financial needs. Plan Picker also screens users for Medicaid eligibility. Post-enrollment support features within the app include a deductible calculator, a prescription drug price checker, and a doctor visit co-pay estimator. Educational videos explain key healthcare terms, explain how to use an HSA, and introduce users to “employees like you” and the decision-making processes that they went through to help guide plan selection.

Delegation of young health care leaders from Germany

BCHT hosted a delegation of 15 young health care leaders from Germany, in collaboration with the German Managed Care Association.  The group visited the Integrated Healthcare Association, Apple Health, Verily, Genentech, Highland Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, the Pacific Business Group on Health, and many others. 




12th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium held in Paris 

BCHT jointly sponsored the 12th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium, December, 2017, at the University of Paris, bringing together senior governmental officials, regulators, industry executives, and university researchers engaged with biopharmaceutical market access, pricing, and use in France and the USA.   

This 12th yearly transatlantic meeting aimed to contribute to the search for the conditions to restore trust in an unstable world that threatens the functional coherence of health systems. We are exposed to an accelerated and unexpected pace of scientific, technical and economic innovation. Knowledge dynamics and the instantaneous dissemination of disruptive information undermine medium and long-term strategy efforts, while obsolescence of concepts and systems calls for a revised vision, agile governance, and imposes new organizations. Agenda


BCHT article published in New England Journal of Medicine: Association of Reference Pricing with Drug Selection and Spending, featured in other media

Association of Reference Pricing with Drug Selection and Spending by BCHT researchers James Robinson, Christopher Whaley, and Timothy Brown has been published in the August 17, 2017 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. The article discusses the effects of implementing reference pricing, a new insurance design, on drug selection and spending for patients covered by employment-based insurance in the United States. The study found that implementation was associated with significant changes in patient drug selection and spending. 


BCHT STORIES: Inaugural site highlights University Research, Innovation in Diabetes Care, and Insurance Benefit Design, on storytelling platform

UC Berkeley Center for Health Technology (BCHT) announces the launch of BCHT Stories (, a website on a new interactive Livestories storytelling platform, with easily accessible information about health policy and research.

The inaugural site highlights the year-long Innovations in Prevention and Management of Diabetes project and BCHT’s current work on Reference Pricing, a new insurance benefit design. New topics will be added over time. Topics are illustrated with trusted data sources, publications, conference video footage, and interactive graphics, and emphasize evidence based research. 

Stay tuned! The next additions to BCHT Stories ( will be Drug Pricing 101, and a future story-sharing function that will allow readers to contribute their personal "stories" relating to the highlighted topics.


Reference Pricing Changes The ‘Choice Architecture’ Of Health Care For Consumers published in March Health Affairs issue

As part of a March, 2017, Health Affairs issue examining health care delivery system innovations, James Robinson, Christopher Whaley, and Tim Brown analyzed the efficacy of reference pricing (full article) - a new component of health insurance design that motivates the patient to select low-price, high quality care settings for “shoppable” health care services. They looked at the impact on patient choice, prov ider prices, surgical complications, and employer spending and estimated that expanding reference pricing efforts to more services could reduce spending for the commercially insured population by as much as 8.6 percent.


BCHT Co-Director invited to speak for 2nd year at international seminar held at the Universidad de Chile

BCHT Co-Director Kim MacPherson was featured as keynote speaker at the international seminar: "Challenges for innovation in public health policies" in 2016, and has been invited back again in 2017. The conference, sponsored by The Da Vinci Community, part of the Academy of innovation, Universidad de Chile, is held in the Faculty of Medicine Auditorium at the university.



11th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium held in Paris 

BCHT joinlty sponsored the 11th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium, held December, 2016, at the University of Paris, with the University of Paris Descartes (Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy) and the University of Strasbourg.  The colloquium is a collaboration, bringing together senior governmental officials, regulators, industry executives, and university researchers engaged with biopharmaceutical market access, pricing, and use in France and the USA.   Agenda


Symposium on Innovations in Diabetes Prevention and Management

BCHT held a symposium April 28-29, 2016 to explore Innovations in Diabetes Prevention and Management. The two day event included a keynote address by Stephen Shortell, a conversation with Lisa Suennen and Amy Belt Raimundo on methods for effective behavior change, and a panel on digital solutions for the underserved with Stephen Shortell, Julie Schmittdiel, and Neil Sehgal, and the Hack2Health Design Challenge finals judged by Dan Gillette, Research Specialist, CITRIS, and  Rhonda Shrader, Director, Institute for Business Innovation at Haas School of Business. This symposium was made possible with generous support from the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation. More


BCHT Director James Robinson wins the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation award

BCHT Director James Robinson won the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation award for the best article written from a commercial insurance point of view for his paper The Redesign of Consumer Cost Sharing for Specialty Drugs at the California Health Insurance Exchange, published in the American Journal of Managed Care, March, 2016.


BCHT Co-Director featured as keynote speaker at 2016 Seminario: “Desafíos para la innovación en políticas públicas de salud”, Universidad de Chile

 “Desafíos para la innovación en políticas públicas de salud”

BCHT Co-Director Kim MacPherson was featured as keynote speaker at the international seminar: "Challenges for innovation in public health policies". The conference, sponsored by The Da Vinci Community, part of the Academy of innovation, Universidad de Chile, was held in the Faculty of Medicine Auditorium at the university. She also served as Academy of Innovation faculty for a 3 day course on innovation and gave lectures each day to an interdisciplinary group of graduate students on digital health and public-private partnerships to spur innovation.  




10th Annual Descartes-Berkeley health care symposium held in Paris - BCHT Co-Directors are plenary speakers

2015 marked the 10th Annual Descartes-Berkeley health care symposium at the University of Paris.  The colloquium is a collaboration of BCHT with the University of Paris-Descartes (Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy), bringing together senior governmental officials, regulators, industry executives, and university researchers engaged with biopharmaceutical market access, pricing, and use in France and the USA.  Dr. Robinson and Ms. MacPherson were again among the event’s plenary speakers. Agenda

BCHT Co-Directors keynote at Roche Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Robinson and Ms. MacPherson keynoted two 2015 colloquia with Global Product Strategy (GPS) and Global Pricing and Market Access (GPMA) teams at Roche Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland.  Their presentations focused on changes in the US market for drugs, driven by the Affordable Care Act, consolidation of private insurers, and the emergence of drug price competition due to formulary strategies by insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM). 

They also presented on these topics at the Roche national headquarters in Paris, France.


BCHT Plays Prominent Role in 18th annual ISPOR Meeting

BCHT has Prominent Role in 18th annual International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Meeting

Dr. Robinson played a prominent role in the recent International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 18th annual meeting held in November, 2015, in Milan, Italy. He co-taught a course on the economics of diagnostic testing, spoke at a major drugs in the US and Europe, and presented a poster with interim results from an econometric study of reference pricing for laboratory tests. panel on management of specialty 



BCHT hosts Innovations in Diabetes ”Hack2Health" Hackathon held at UC Berkeley

BCHT sponsored the “Innovations in Diabetes” Hack2Health Hackathon, held October 24, 2015 at UC Berkeley.  The event challenged participants to design an innovative digital health solution promoting sustained patient engagement and behavioral change in the prevention or management of type 2 diabetes.

The hackathon is the first stage of a three-part Innovation in Diabetes Design Challenge, sponsored by the Haas Healthcare Association, a student-led organization at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Hackathon finalists, the D! team, designed a product called “D!” to enhance the dining out experiences of diabetes patients and to assist them in making dining choices in restaurants.

The D! team and other finalists also attended the Haas Healthcare Conference November 6 in San Francisco, where they were invited to present their pitches to a panel of judges representing tech firms, investors, and clinicians.

The Innovation in Diabetes Design Challenge is funded by the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation.

Building Bridges Summt

BCHT Co-Director facilitates panel "The impact of mass consolidation: what it means for disruptors" at the 2015 Rock Health Summit

BCHT Co-Director, Kimberly MacPherson, moderated the panel discussion on 2015 mega-mergers on the startup health market and what it means for future industry disruptors. In 2015, unprecedented billions of capital flowed into new players in healthcare at the startup level just as this consolidation wave was taking hold. The panel discussed where consolidation is driving opportunity: customer’s demand for choice, innovation and focus; and where health tech startups need to ensure coordination and cohesion with some of the market’s key players as they go from big to gigantic. Panelists included Collective Health Co-founder & CEO Ali Diab; Stride Health Co-founder & CEO, Noah Lang; and Janet Widman, Blue Shield of California’s former Executive VP.

BCHT JAMA Article on Reference Pricing and Colonscopies Picked up by Media

Association of Reference Payment for Colonoscopy With Consumer Choices, Insurer Spending, and Procedural Complications by James C. Robinson, Timothy T. Brown, Christopher Whaley, and Emily Finlayson appeared inJAMA Intern Med. The article was published online September 08, 2015, and picked up by several media outlets:

The paper also received the Director’s Award at the 2015 AHRQ Research Conference. The award committee specifically noted that this research was "deemed the most innovative and actionable" research presented at the conference. 


Purchasing Medical Innovation

James Robinson Speaks at the Commonwealth Club of California

James Robinson was the featured speaker at Commonwealth Club of California, June 4, 2015(link is external). A PODCAST(link is external) of the presentation is available on the Commonwealth website. He discussed his new book, Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology, for the Right Patient, at the Right Price(link is external), and answered audience questions in a Q&A session.


P4P Conference Plenary Session on Evolving Relationships Between Health Insurance Plans and Hospital Systems

James Robinson presented BCHT research on evolving relationships between health insurance plans and hospital systems at the P4P Conference(link is external) Plenary Session. Health plans have responded to the high prices charged by major hospitals and academic medical centers by cutting them out of their contractual networks, but realize that consumers and patients want access to them. So both sides are experimenting with ways of making major medical centers central, rather than peripheral, to insurance networks, but at moderate rather than high prices. The session was a featured Health Business Daily story, PPO-ACOs in California Fight to Gain Market Share From HMOs, April 7, 2015.




Keynote Speeches at the University of Paris 9th Annual Colloquia on Biopharmaceutical Pricing and Digital Health

James Robinson and Kim MacPherson gave keynote speeches at the University of Paris colloquia on biopharmaceutical pricing and digital health, respectively. These colloquia, hekd in December, 2014, are the ninth in an annual series of collaborative events in Paris between BCHT and the University of Paris-Descartes, Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine. Other speakers this year included Dr. Dominique Giorgi, Executive Director of the French Economic Committee on Medical Products (which negotiates drug and device products for the French national health insurance system with manufacturers); and Emma Garde, Solutions Director, Integrated Care Center of Excellence, SANOFI. Emma Garde, Kimberly MacPherson, François Lhoste, Francis Megerlin, and James C. Robinson participated in a round table discussion.

Colloquium Held at Roche in Basel, Switzerland

Robinson and MacPherson presented lectures on the US health insurance and pharmaceutical markets at Roche in Basel, Switzerland.  This  December, 2014, colloquium brought together the market access and pricing staffs for the global Roche/Genentech organization, based in Basel.  This colloquium builds on  a  similar presentation in Basel by Dr. Robinson two years ago, plus the many collaborative educational activities between BCHT and Genentech in the United States.


BCHT London "Health Trek" Study Tour of the British National Health Service

IN November, 2014, James Robinson led a ‘health trek’ of MBA/MPH students on a week-long study tour of the British national health service and related policy institutions in London.  Francis Wong MD, a British surgeon currently studying for an MBA/MPH at Berkeley, helped organize and facilitate the meetings.  Robinson gave speeches at the Kings Fund and Roche UK.  Additional meetings were held at the Nuffield Trust, NICE International, Monitor, Imperial College (mobile health incubator), Proteus (digital therapeutics firm), Digital Stitch (mobile health start-up), and Soma Analytics (digital health start-up).  BCHT plans to build on this experience and organize more health treks for students to other sites, and is discussing funding options to help the students with travel expenses.


Costs Increase in Hospital-Owned Medical Groups

Article by James Robinson published in JAMA

The trend of hospitals consolidating medical groups and physician practices in an effort to improve the coordination of patient care is backfiring and increasing the cost of patient care, according to a new study led by a UC Berkeley health policy expert, BCHT Director James Robinson.

The new findings, published October 22, 2014, in the Journal of the American Medical Association, come as a growing number of local hospitals and large, multi-hospital systems in this country are acquiring physician groups and medical practices.

For more information, visit:

Hospital mergers and acquisitions increase patient costs – UC Berkeley Media Relations

Costs 20% higher in hospital-owned medical groups – LA Times

Full JAMA article and abstract(link is external)


Purchasing Medical Innovation:

The Right Technology, for the Right Patient, at the Right Price

BCHT Director James Robinson’s new book, Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology, for the Right Patient, at the Right Price(link is external)is now available!  

Innovation in medical technology supplies the health care industry with a remarkable pipeline of new drugs, devices, and diagnostics that improve health, reduce risk, and extend life. But these technologies are often priced at excessive levels and frequently used on the wrong patient, at the wrong time, or in the wrong setting. The only way to moderate cost growth without undermining innovation is to improve the process of assessing, pricing, prescribing, and using new technologies. 

Purchasing Medical Innovation analyzes the contemporary revolution in the purchasing of health care technology, with a focus on the roles of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), insurers, physicians, hospitals, and consumers themselves. The FDA is now more thoroughly assessing product performance under real-world conditions as well as in laboratory settings. Insurers are designing payment methods that reward efficiency in the selection and administration of new treatments. Hospitals are aligning more closely with physicians. Patients are becoming more engaged and accountable.

In this book, Dr. Robinson describes both the strengths and deficiencies of the current system and highlights opportunities for buyers, sellers, and users to help improve the value of medical technology.


Several news organizations recently called on Center Chair James Robinson in May, 2014, to discuss the implications of new health care cost-control plans being planned for the Affordable Care Act:

Bloomberg Businessweek logo

First up was Bloomberg Businessweek(link is external), which quoted Dr. Robinson on "reference pricing," a cost-control strategy that the California health and retirement benefits agency CalPERS pioneered. He studied the CalPERS experiment and found that many patients shifted to lower-cost hospitals, saving money, while expensive hospitals responded by cutting their prices. Although insurers don’t appear to be using reference pricing on the new health exchanges, Professor Robinson believes it’s only a matter of time before they do. The AP story also appeared in Yahoo Finance(link is external) is external), and The Salt Lake Tribune(link is external).

NBR logo

Next was a visit to "30 Rock" [the fabled CNBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City], where Dr. Robinson provided on-air comments on the proposed caps on medical coverage for the Nightly Business Report program. You can watch the segment online(link is external) at the NBR website.


Center Chair James Robinson was awarded a new grant entitled “The Impact of Reference Pricing on Consumer Choice and Provider Pricing Strategies for Laboratory Test and Diagnostic Imaging” from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's(link is external) Health Care Financing & Organization in April, 2014. This study will examine reference pricing as implemented for lab tests and diagnostic imaging by Safeway, a national food retailer with locations in 17 states and the District of Columbia. Safeway has approximately 40,000 employees, retirees, and dependents in its self-insured health benefits plan. The Center’s Associate Director for Research, Tim Brown, is Co-Investigator on this project. 

Tim Brown has also been awarded a very competitive new grant entitled,“The Impact of Reference Pricing on High Cost Medical Procedures” from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality(link is external), which extends the pilot work published in Health Affairs on the impact of reference pricing on knee and hip replacement surgery. This research will extend the examination of the reference pricing program implemented by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) to colonoscopies, cataract surgery, and arthroscopic surgery. Center Chair James Robinson is Co-Investigator on this project.





Healthbiz Decoded logo

HealthBiz Decoded(link is external)'s 2013 article—Reference Pricing: Another Tool That Saves Money, or a Limitation on Care?(link is external)—included comments from Tim Brown, the Center's Associate Director for Research. Dr. Brown discussed the findings of the reference pricing study he recently completed and which formed the basis for Increases in Consumer Cost Sharing Redirect Patient Volumes and Reduce Hospital Prices for Orthopedic Surgery, co-authored by Brown and Center Chair James Robinson.


The Wall Street Journal published James Robinson's Op-Ed piece, Comparison Shopping for Knee Surgery, on October 27, 2013.


Sacramento Bee logo

Center Chair James Robinson's Op-Ed piece, When Patients Become Consumers, Health Care Costs Can Be Tamed, was published in the Sacrament Bee "Viewpoints" section on Friday, August 16, 2013. 


AbbVie logo

BCHT Chairs Lead Executive Educational Workshop for AbbVie

in June, 2013, Center Co-Chairs James Robinson and Kim MacPherson conducted a three-day executive training session at AbbVie, Inc., the biopharmaceutical company recently spun off from Abbott Laboratories. Topics covered included topics including current maacro trends and the Affordable Care Act, diving forces in the provider space, and paying for value.

News Bureaus Call on James Robinson

New York Times logo    LA Times logo

The New York Times(link is external) and the Los Angeles Times(link is external) each recently ran stories on the efforts by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) to reduce its health care costs through reference pricing. BCHT Chair James Robinson was quoted in both stories discussing research done by BCHT on the CalPERS data.


BCHT Chairs Speak to U.K. Health Agencies

In January, 2013, James Robinson and Kim MacPherson visited colleagues in London at the King's Fund, Nuffield Trust, Monitor, and Imperial College. The visit was primarily focused on U.K. reform efforts and getting updated on the proposed NHS "Value-Based Pricing" scheme for pharmaceuticals. As part of that visit, Dr. Robinson gave a keynote address at a conference hosted by the King's Fund on Payment Reform: Moving beyond Payment by Results Payment by Results(link is external), the current mode by which hospitals are reimbursed in the U.K. The conference brought over 100 industry, government, and academic professionals together to hear about new payment models designed to better support patient care and integrated delivery. We find the King's Fund to be superior conveners whose efforts are targeted right on the most critical health policy issues facing the U.K. Dr. Robinson's slides are available, as are video highlights of both his talk(link is external) and one by King's Fund Chief Executive, Chris Ham(link is external).

New BCHT Issue Brief: Promoting Value in Health Care: The Evolving Role of Shared Decision Making. Written by Jennifer Schindel, BCHT's Senior Research Associate, this new Issue Brief looks at the "state of the state" in shared decision making by reviewing the trajectory of shared decision making (SDM) research to date, identifying key factors to consider as SDM efforts expand, and highlighting two innovative research/implementation initiatives committed to exploring SDM's potential for impacting broader health care quality and value.




BCHT first Webinar—held on November 28, 2012—featured the BCHT Directors and Drs. Linda Bosserman and Jennifer Malin discussing an innovative pilot between Wellpoint and Wilshire Oncology on an oncology medical home. You may download PDFs of the speakers' presentations, as well as a recording of the entire webinar from our Resources page.


Robinson - Managed Care

An in-depth interview with James Robinson by John Marcille was published in the April 2012 issue of Managed Care(link is external) under the title, Waiting for Economic Pressure to Force Our Hand.

Timothy Brown presented a talk entitled How Long Does It Take Public Health Spending to Affect Mortality Rates?at the 2012 Public Health Services & Systems Research (PHSSR) Keeneland Conference(link is external) in Lexington, Kentucky.


Dr. Marcus A. Conant, a physician who was among the first to identify and treat AIDS, and Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and former UN Commissioner on Human Rights, each received a 16th annual Public Health Heroes Award from UC Berkeley's School of Public Health on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. For the first time at the Public Health Heroes event, guests had the opportunity to interact with faculty, students, and researchers from five participating centers, including BCHT.

BCHT Staff - 2012

BCHT Staff at the 2012 Public Health Heroes Reception: [L-R] Jenn Schindel, Kim MacPherson, James Robinson, Peg Farrell, Tim Brown.




Extending Care Coordination to the Commercially Insured PPO Population(link is external), by James Robinson, was the cover story for the Fall 2011 issue of CAPG Health(link is external), the official magazine fo the California Association of Physician Groups.

CAPG Health cover - Fall 2011      

BCHT Graduate Student Researchers Dierdre Parsons and Erika Heaton [L-R], together with James Robinson, discussed The Future of Big Pharma in the Fall 2011 issue of Berkeley Health, the news publication of UC Berkeley's School of Public Health.


Variation in Hospital Costs, Payments, and Profitabilty for Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery, by James Robinson, has been published by Health Services Research(link is external) in the July 2011 issue.

Health Affairs(link is external) published BCHT Director James Robinson's paper, Hospitals Respond to Medicare Payment Shortfalls by Both Shifting Costs and Cutting Them, Based on Market Concentration(link is external) in the July 2011 issue.


BCHT published an issue brief on Pacemaker and Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) Implant Procedures in California Hospitals.




BCHT Director James Robinson and Associate Director Kimberly MacPherson met with the Health Minister of Singapore. Watch for a future Issue Brief on the Singaporean health care system.


The journal Health Affairs(link is external) featured BCHT Director James Robinson's paper,Application of Value-Based Insurance Design Principles to High-Cost Health Services in the November 2010 issue. Dr. Robinson joined Health Affairs for a press conference in Washington, DC, to promote his paper.

BCHT hosted a roundtable on "Coordinating Strategies for Improving Efficiency in Orthopedic Surgery" on November 5, 2010 at the California HealthCare Foundation


BCHT Director James Robinson presented at the National Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Congress in Los Angeles. [Presentation(link is external) / White Paper]

Health Affairs(link is external) published BCHT Director James Robinson's paper, Comparative Effectiveness Research: From Clinical Information to Economic Incentives in the October 2010 issue.

BCHT published an issue brief on Costs and Reimbursement for Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery in California Hospitals, 2008.

BCHT hosted a workshop on cost sharing for UC Berkeley MPH students on October 15th.

BCHT hosted a medical device reception: "Hospitals, Physicians & MedTech: Can't We All Just Get Along?" in San Francisco on October 14, 2010

BCHT participated in the Health Innovation Week(link is external) in San Francisco, October 3-10, 2010


BCHT Director James Robinson and Associate Director Kimberly MacPherson participated in the Academy for International Health Studies(link is external) mission to Vancouver, Canada.

BCHT published an brief on Value-Based Purchasing in Medical Devices: Coronary Angioplasty with Drug Eluting Stents: Device Costs, Hospital Costs, and Insurance Payments.


BCHT published an issue brief on Value-Based Purchasing on Medical Devices: Volumes, Costs, and Reimbursement for Cervical Fusion Surgery in California Hospitals, 2008.


BCHT published an issue brief on Value-Based Purchasing on Medical Devices: Lumbar Fusion Surgery in California: Volumes, Costs, Length of Stay, Surgical Complications, and Insurance Reimbursement.

BCHT Director James Robinson presented at the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting(link is external) in Seattle on "Hospital Concentration, Pricing, and Profitability in Orthopedics and Cardiology," on June 29th.


BCHT Director James Robinson and Associate Director Kim MacPherson presented at the Fifth Descartes Seminar of Economic Themes of Health in Paris, France. You can view their presentations here. [Program /Presentation]

BCHT published an issue brief on Implantable Medical Devices for Hip Replacement Surgery: Economic Implications for California Hospitals.


BCHT published an issue brief on Device Costs, Total Costs, and Other Characteristics of Knee Replacement Surgery in California Hospitals, 2008.


James Robinson gave a keynote presentation at the Fifth National Pay for Performance Summit, sponsored by the Integrated Healthcare Association, A Framework for Payment Reform.


in January, 2010, BCHT co-sponsored the third "Best Practice Roundtable" with the Integrated Healthcare Association. The topic was "Medical Device Costs and Reimbursements in California: Data, Implications, and Future Directions."

BCHT published a second issue brief, Physician-Hospital Alignment in the Evaluation, Purchasing, and Use of Implantable Medical Devices




BCHT published its first Report and Issue Brief on confidentiality and transparency in medical device prices in December, 2009


BCHT Director James Robinson made a plenary presentation on "The Employer's Role in Value-Based Health Care" at the National Business Coalition on Health's Annual Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, November 8-10, 2009.

BCHT co-sponsored a roundtable on "Value-Based Benefit Design for New Medical Technologies" with the Integrated Healthcare Association(link is external)California HealthCare Foundation(link is external) and Health Affairs(link is external) journal.


BCHT co-sponsored the second "Best Practice Roundtable" with the Integrated Healthcare Association. The topic was "Physician Hospital Alignment in Device Selection: Challenges and Opportunities" in October, 2009



Genentech(link is external) gave a second generous gift to BCHT in August, 2009.


BCHT hosted a Biosimilar Workshop for students and professionals on April 24th, 2009

The Berkeley Center for Health Technology held its launch party on April 21st, 2009