Berkeley Center for Health Technology (BCHT) conducts research into existing and improved criteria for insurance coverage, provider payment, consumer cost-sharing, and organization and management of biomedical innovation.

BCHT provides academic programs for UC Berkeley graduate students and professional development for health care and life sciences firms.


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Reference Pricing Changes The ‘Choice Architecture’ Of Health Care For Consumers published in March Health Affairs issue

As part of a March Health Affairs issue examining health care delivery system innovations, James Robinson, Christopher Whaley, and Tim Brown analyzed the efficacy of reference pricing (full article) - a new component of health insurance design that motivates the patient to select low-price, high quality care settings for “shoppable” health care services. They looked at the impact on patient choice, prov ider prices, surgical complications, and employer spending and estimated that expanding reference pricing efforts to more services could reduce spending for the commercially insured population by as much as 8.6 percent.

BCHT Co-Director invited to speak for 2nd year at international seminar held at the Universidad de Chile

BCHT Co-Director Kim MacPherson was featured as keynote speaker at the international seminar: "Challenges for innovation in public health policies" in 2016, and has been invited back again in 2017. The conference, sponsored by The Da Vinci Community, part of the Academy of Innovation, Universidad de Chile, is held in the Faculty of Medicine Auditorium at the university.


11th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium held in Paris 

BCHT jointly sponsored the 11th Annual Descartes-Berkeley-Strasbourg health care colloquium, held  December, 2016, at the University of Paris, with the University of Paris Descartes (Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy) and the University of Strasbourg.  The colloquium is a collaboration, bringing together senior governmental officials, regulators, industry executives, and university researchers engaged with biopharmaceutical market access, pricing, and use in France and the USA.   Agenda



BCHT Director James Robinson won the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation award for the best article written from a commercial insurance point of view for his paper The Redesign of Consumer Cost Sharing for Specialty Drugs at the California Health Insurance Exchange, published in the American Journal of Managed Care, March 2016.


Medical Innovation

               Purchasing Medical Innovation: The Right Technology, 

                         for the Right Patient, at the Right Price

                                      By James C. Robinson, Director, BCHT;

     Leonard D. Schaeffer Professor, Health Economics, UC Berkeley School of Public Health


Innovation in medical technology generates a remarkable supply of new drugs, devices, and diagnostics that improve health, reduce risks, and extend life. But these technologies are too often used on the wrong patient, in the wrong setting, or at an unaffordable price.    more


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Potential Savings from Reference Pricing for Colonoscopy Procedures by HRR (click here or on image below)(link is external)

Hover over a Hospital Referral Region (HRR) on the map to see the projected savings along with the key predictive market parameters used.  HRR Map Data Table

For project details, visit Current Projects: Reference Pricing.

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